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Mostly Minnows, Inc. - Wholesale Bait Supplier in Upstate South Carolina

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Wholesale Live Bait

Mostly Minnows Inc. is a wholesale supplier of live fishing bait.  We carry a full line of live bait including minnows, worms and crickets and deliver weekly or bi-weekly in Upstate South Carolina.


Mostly Minnows includes a bait farm, located in the southern end of Spartanburg County, where golden shiners are raised in ponds and worms are packaged on a custom built worm packing machine.

New customers receive set up assistance with the equipment and information necessary to sell healthy live bait.  Advice and recommendations are based on more than eight years of experience raising and maintaining minnows and worms.

Mostly Minnows supplies bait to over 60 bait retailers in the Upstate area.



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