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Mostly Minnows, Inc. - Wholesale Bait Supplier in Upstate South Carolina

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Golden shiners are the minnow of choice in Upstate SC.  Some of the minnows are raised locally at the bait farm, the rest are purchased from other suppliers.  We provide 4 sizes of minnows:

Approx. Size Approx Wgt.
Small 1.0-2.0 inches 250/lb


2.0-3.0 inches 167/lb
Large 3.0-4.0 inches 50/lb
XLarge > 4.0 inches 20/lb

Small minnows are very popular for crappie fishing starting in early spring.  Medium minnows are used for crappie, bass and catfish.  Large and XLarge minnows are used for striper fishing in the cool months and for bass and catfish in the summer months.

Mostly Minnows has over eight years experience raising minnows and worms closely with its customers offering help and advice in the handling and care of minnows in the bait shops.  Mostly Minnows can provide fish tanks, air pumps, and water conditioners based on individual bait shop needs.

Rosy Reds are available from March to May.



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