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Worms are the staple of live fishing bait.  Mostly Minnows carries all of the most popular worms.

Red Worms and Night Crawlers are the most popular worms.  The Night Crawlers come from Canada.  Red Worms come from Europe and are sometimes refered to as "hybrid reds" and "big reds".  Hybrid Pinks are a larger version of the European worm. The Red Worms, Night Crawlers and Hybrid Pinks are purchased in bulk and package at the farm to provide the freshest and healthiest worms possible.

Louisiana Pinks are popular among some fishermen but are more difficult to maintain and do not have a very long shelf life.

A refrigerator is required for worm storage.  Mostly Minnows does not typically supply refrigerators, but can suggest possible sources.  Guidelines and recommendations to maintain each type of worm will be provided.  Night Crawlers and Red Worms are 100% guaranteed to customers who follow the guidelines.




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